Day 8 – Metallic

Metallic was the theme for today, so I started looking through my stash and I found some Sabrina Sato that said metallic, so I finally chose Sabrina Sato Confidence, a beautiful red that I will be wearing alone a lot during the year, probably during exam weeks when I don’t have time to change my mani so much, so I just choose a beautiful color and wear it as long as possible, Seche Vite will be my best friend. I wanted to add something, so I took my crafting scissors and some tape and started and got that design. I used Barry M Gold Foil to do that details. It looked really good, but when I added Seche Vite the gold got covered with a coat of red. It ended up looking weird, but with this challenge I really don’t have time to redo my manis.



2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Metallic


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